Covid-19 precautions

JS Proputec takes precautions towards Covid-19, which is spreading rapidly in Denmark these days.


JS Proputec takes precautions towards Covid-19

The Corona (Covid-19) virus is unfortunately spreading rapidly in Denmark these days, and as from yesterday our government has implemented rather strong measures accordingly in order to limit the risk of contamination. Measures which we at JS Proputec respect at the deepest, and measures which we will address in order to protect our employees, their families and our partners in the following way:


  • Our company is still open for business, but the office will due to the situation be staffed with only a few executive people. Other employees will work from home for the next couple of weeks, and they can be contacted as usual by phone or e-mail.


  • Our production will run as usual, and we will strive to deliver as planned. If not, we will contact you directly. Also, we still receive orders for equipment and spare parts, and we will do our utmost to ship as usual.

Now, travelling to affected areas are prohibited, and this is limited only to important situations. We follow the guidance from our government closely and take great precautions.

We will keep you updated. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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