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Employees at JS Proputec are dedicated, skilled and experienced. High quality is a condition in everything we do. In the way we work, in the way we support our partners and customers, in the way we design and manufacture our products, and in the way we do service on our products.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our outmost to give you advice and guidance according to your needs and requirements.


Billede af Henrik Groes
Henrik Groes
Billede af Casper Nørgaard Jensen
Casper Nørgaard Jensen
Billede af Rene Jensen
Rene Jensen


Billede af Frederik Fanth-Jensen
Frederik Fanth-Jensen
Billede af Søren Arne Hartman Hansen
Søren Arne Hartman Hansen


Billede af Anders Rytter Madsen
Anders Rytter Madsen
Billede af Bodil Gajhede
Bodil Gajhede


Billede af Winnie Kristensen
Winnie Kristensen


Billede af Peter Bo Kristensen
Peter Bo Kristensen
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