Facing customer challenges

Every day we face tasks and challenges presented by partners and customers within a wide variety of segments. We offer solutions accordingly based on our vast experience and knowledge within our field, making sure that customer needs are fulfilled.

The solutions are diverse and often contains either standard JS products or customised JS products or a mix of both. In the following, we will show a selection of cases. Hopefully these will inspire and show the width in our business.

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KonvexKonvex - part of the Saria Group
Product: JS Lamella Pump
Plukon food GroupPlukon Food Group
Product: JS Lamella Pump, JS Infeed Hopper
Danish CrownDanish Crown
Product: JS Lamella Pump
New JS Lamella Pump from JS ProputecHeinrich Nagel GmbH
Product: JS Lamella Pump
FF Skagen
Product: JS Infeed Hopper, JS Lamella Pump
Rogaland PelsdyrforlagRogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL
Product: JS Lamella Pump
200/60 JS Lamella pumps launch_unit_and_cleaning_pigScandic Pelagic Ellös
Product: JS Lamella Pump
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