Rogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL
A better and more economical solution

Rogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL

Rogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL is one of Norway’s largest manufacturers of prepared feeds for agricultural production – including mink feed.

Previously, Maintenance Manager Terje had four Italian lobe pumps for pumping mink feed installed but found that the wear was too high – in fact so high that he would wear out 4-6 pumps every year.

An economical solution

Consequently, he was looking for a better and more economically efficient solution. A solution that would be viable in the long run, requiring minimal maintenance and on an affordable budget.

He needed a durable pump that could pump the finished product 15 meters horizontally and 8 meters vertically in a 250 mm pipe, and he needed to pump 35-45 m3 per hour.

Colleagues in the business recommended the JS Lamella Pump and Terje contacted the manufacturer of the original lamella pump JS Proputec.

Going from 4 to 1 production line

In cooperation and in close dialogue with the JS Proputec staff, Rogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL found a much simpler solution for the application. JS Proputec advised Terje to replace and consolidate the four production lines into a single line while installing a JS 350/90 lamella pump. This pump could easily provide the necessary capacity, and it resulted in a simple and low-cost system that fully lives up to Terje’s expectations.

Not only does he save money on maintenance costs – there is only one pump to be maintained. In addition, he experiences a significant reduction in the running costs as the pump only uses 1/3 of the power that was previously used.

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