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Twin Screw Pumps

A friend for life

The JS Twin Screw Pumps offer exceptional durability and requires a minimum of maintenance.

The pump consists of two intermeshing screws, moving in opposite directions, whose axial movement causes a displacement of the product.

Twin screw pumps feature a continuous non-pulsating flow, directly proportional to the number of revolutions and they are well suited for the handling of virtually any non-homogenous fluid with a high content of dry-material, like fish and poultry byproducts, minced meat, paper pulp, pet food, offal, yoghurt, dough, marmalade and seaweed.

Typically, the JS Twin Screw Pump will replace a mono pump in applications when the risk of running dry is present, for instance if the material gives off gases during pumping.

The simple and rugged design minimizes maintenance costs and helps to assure a reliable, non-interrupted pumping operation.

External timing gear and support bearings avoid metal-to-metal contact between screws and lining, reducing wear and friction to a minimum

The pump has few wearing parts, all designed for a very long lifespan and combined with a low energy consumption this will ensure low running costs. Hydraulic valves, cylinders or complicated control systems are not required.

JS Twin Screw Pumps are available with open/close system for easy cleaning.

The JS Twin Screw Pump comes in seven different sizes. See the technical specifications for each model/size.