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The newly designed JS Proputec press is used for separating liquid and dry material and subsequent pressing of the separated material. This method improves processing and energy saving potential.

presse-3d The screw press functions in the same way as a decanter, but the dry-matter content is higher when comparing it to a standard decanter. It rotates at a low speed. It is easy to demount, and the simple configuration does not require maintenance specialists.

The material will be separated via the screw and the screens. The liquid is pressed through the screens and the dry-matter is collected on the screens. The screw rotor keeps the screens clean and transports the collected dry-matter to the outlet in order to be pressed.

The liquid is very uniform in particle size, which will not always be the case when using a decanter.

At the same time the JS Press delivers a liquid phase, which is not emulsified.

The JS Press is produced in various sizes with a capacity range between 0.5 m3 and 30 m3 per hour.

Depending on material, the press can provide a solid content of the solid matter up to 50%.

Finally, the JS Press has low energy consumption compared to standard decanters (approx. 75% lower).



The JS Press advantages

  • Three independent screen sections allowing for site optimization. The screens are easy to demount and clean. The number of screens to be used is depending on material behavior.
  • Exterior clam shell design for minimize downtime should a break in the screen
    ever occur.
  • Expanded choke travel distance of 100 mm to clear large particles.
  • Motor with VFD control.
  • Pneumatic choke with pressure regulator.
  • Cylinder without sealings and therefore there will be no leaks.
  • Independent collection and splash guards for the liquid.
  • All stainless steel construction except the gear construction. The combination of material to be used is decided by our costumers.
  • Base frame and adjustable machine feet.
  • Bearings in both ends.