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Self-priming Lamella Pump

JS Self-priming lamella pump is the only on in the world of its kind It is a unique pump to discharge ships, economically, fast and efficiently. The pump is very suitable for industries such as trash fish by-products and krill. JS Self-priming lamella pump causes minimal damage to the product.self-priming1

The lamella pump is placed on the wharf. Through a hose, which is lowered into the ships hold, the pump pumps up the product from the hold. It will pump up to 250 m3 per hour and with its ability to pump horizontally up to 500 meter, it is the most preferred pump in several countries. Furthermore, the JS Self-priming lamella pump is special because you need to add very little water to pump fish by-products. This results in lower running costs.

The rotor is suspended eccentric in the pump house. Two lamellas are placed in the rotor and will create four big pump chambers. The lamellas are guided by the cam discs in the pump house. Their movement in the pump house causes a displacement of the product.

The pumps impressive suction ability is caused by the rubberized inner parts that create vacuum. It has a suction lift of approx. 8 meters. The pump typically rotates with 20-30 rpm and has a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

self-priming2It is a very compact construction and all wearing parts are replaceable. JS Self-priming lamella pump can be delivered with mechanical-, rotoglyd- or labyrinth seals. It has no springs or the like that holds the lamellas together in the pump house. The pump can be delivered with an electronic or hydraulic motor.



The JS Self-priming lamella pumps advantages:

  • Low running costs
  • Fast and efficient discharge of ships
  • Usable when there is a need for a great suction force
  • Ability to pump hard and/or large particles
  • Can pump very thick products
  • Very hard-wearing

Technical specifications

The JS Self-priming Lamella Pump comes in four different sizes. Please see technical specifications for each model/size below. Please notice that these are examples only. Each pump can be manufactured to suit your demands and needs.

250/70 350/90 400/115 450/140
Capacity (m3/h) 20-30 30-70 70-140 140-250
Filling 0.8-0.9 0.8-0.9 0.8-0.9 0.8-0.9
Max. pressure (bar) 10 10 10 10
Pipe length (m) 1-500 1-500 1-500 1-500
Pipe connections (Ø mm) 200 250 300 350
Suction power (meter) 8 8 8 8
Hardend steel Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mild steel Yes Yes Yes Yes