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The below capacity charts will give you an indication of which lamella pump will suit your needs.

The diagrams are to be read as follows:

Firstly, you will need to decide how many cubic meters, you need pumped. Select the number on the m3/h-axis. In this example 50 cubic meters per hour.

Continue along the x-axis until you hit the red line “efficiency”. On the x-axis, you can now read how many revolutions per minute (rpm) you need – in this case approx. 31 rpm.

Go back up the y-axis until you hit the actual pressure (bar) and on the y-axis, you can now determine the size of the gear motor, you will need – in this case approx. 11 KW.

JS Lamella Pump type 350/90


Capacity diagram










JS Lamella Pump
Type 150/45 
JS Lamella Pump
Type 200/60
JS Lamella Pump
Type 250/70
kapacitet-150-45 kapacitet-200-60 kapacitet-250-70
JS Lamella Pump
Type 350/90
JS Lamella Pump
Type 400/115
JS Lamella Pump
Type 450/140
kapacitet-350-90u kapacitet-400-115 kapacitet-450-140

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