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Lamella Pumps

The pump for the toughest jobs

The JS Lamella Pump is well known for its high quality and extensive durability even in the toughest and most difficult environments.

Lamella pumpsThe JS Lamella Pump (also known as vane pump or impella pump) is the pride of JS Proputec A/S. It was invented and continuously improved by JS Proputec A/S and we are recognized for this pump globally.

The JS Lamella Pump was originally developed for usage in the fishing industry. However, it proved to be suitable for many other purposes and these pumps are now installed in the fishing-, rendering-, pet food-, poultry- and yeast industries as well as slaughterhouses all over the world.

The JS Lamella Pump has proven its excellent wearing qualities, a characteristic achieved by the correct choice of material and a low speed of rotation.

The exceptional thing with this pump is the unique construction. The JS Lamella Pump works within an enclosed piping system which minimalizes problems with odours. It is designed to pump large and hard particles and this pump would be the obvious choice when dealing with rough materials. It is suitable for pumping fish, meat, bones, fat, yeast, etc.

All wearing parts are replaceable and made of exceptionally hard-wearing materials.

Lamella PumpsThe pump is available in a variety of different layouts thus enabling a perfect fit to the specific application. By default, the pump is not self-priming but is fed either by gravity or by a feed hopper. These feed hoppers are produced by JS Proputec A/S specifically for this purpose. However, some larger JS Lamella Pumps are also available in a self-priming version with rubberized inner parts, that creates vacuum. Read more.

Large solid particles in the material are no problem. Damage to the material is minimal since the pump is designed with few lamellas.

The pump has mechanical seals to ensure a long lifetime for the bearings and wear rings in the pump. This third generation JS solution takes up less space than rotoglyde seals and gland packings and guarantees 100% tightness.

Motive power is usually provided by an electric or a hydraulic motor. Motors can either be mounted directly or fitted with a flexible coupling. The complete unit can be mounted on a base.

The JS Lamella Pump is also available in a special version with a directly mounted hydraulic motor for lowering into the hold on fishing vessels. This extremely robust version has been used for many years, particularly in the Nordic countries. The pump has a straight passage and it is designed for discharging ships quickly and efficiently.

Easy Clean Closed

The standard version is normally supplied in mild steel, but a stainless steel version with hardened wearing parts is also available.

When hygiene is paramount

The JS Easy Clean Lamella Pump was designed for industries where demands on hygiene are vital. As with the standard version, the pump is constructed with special consideration to excellent wearing qualities as well as the possibility of replacing all wearing parts.

The JS Easy Clean Lamella Pump has the same basic elements as the standard pump. However, the side of the pump can be opened. This side is hinged and can be used to access the pump without having to remove the pump itself from the system. In addition, certain wearing parts are easily removed if special tools are used. This system allows rapid cleaning of the pump’s individual parts.

Easy Clean Op

The Easy Clean version is usually supplied in stainless steel with the wearing parts made of hardened steel. The pump can also be supplied in mild steel.

JS Lamella Pumps comes with a wide range of accessories, such as feed hopper, base frames, couplings and covers. It can also be equipped as a complete solution ready for installation.

The JS Lamella Pump comes in six different sizes. See the technical specifications for each model/size.

Read the case of Rogaland Pelsdyrförlag AL – manufacturer of prepared feeds for agricultural production – and their experiences with the JS Lamella Pump.