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Quality pays!

profileThis has been the JS Philosophy since the company was founded in 1982 as a typical service provider for the fishing industry. At the time the name was JS Maskinfabrik A/S but as a result of a continuing increasing global involvment it was decided in 2013 to change the name to the more international sounding name JS Proputec A/S.

Since the beginning JS Proputec A/S has developed into a successful company producing and offering a wide range of patented, specialized and high quality products.

The pumps manufactured by JS Proputec A/S have documented success in the fishing, pet food, poultry and yeast industries as well as slaughterhouses all over the world.

All products and spare parts are manufactured by JS Proputec A/S at our own production plant in Denmark.

Quality pays due to the long product lifetime combined with low running and maintenance costs.

We know that the JS product’s reliability in your production is crucial and that is why we never make compromises with quality.

We offer

    • Very high quality
    • Fast and dependable delivery times
    • Generally low running costs
    • Long product life spans
    • Short delivery time on new products, spare parts and repairs
    • Technical advice

JS Proputec A/S is global and represented all over the world.